Shop gymnastics wrist grips at GK Elite. Protect your hands while you practice and compete with these comfortable, durable bar grips.

Keep Your Hands Safe With Gymnastics Bar Grips

For gymnasts spending quality time practicing on the uneven bars, grips are essential companions to reduce blistering and tearing. There have been gymnasts here and there who choose to forgo grips because they prefer the sensation of their hands making contact with the bar. At GK Elite, we are big proponents of protecting your skin and encourage gymnasts to invest in a pair of gymnastics bar grips.

Grips should feel too small at first, but not overly so. The grips should reach to your first knuckle if they fit correctly. Learn more about specific sizing for hand grips here!

Once you’ve put the grips on with some chalk, tap swings help to break them in. It's up to the athlete's time and preference for a grip to be fully broken in.

Yes. You can rub chalk on your wrist grips and hands. You may need spray as well before chalking the grips, but take caution not to overspray—one or two small squirts from a spray bottle is enough. Too much water can cause you to slip off the bar.

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We pride ourselves in keeping gymnasts both safe and fashionable with high-quality gymnastics leotards, gym accessories, and fitness clothes. Prioritize protection and comfort on the bar with durable gymnastics bar grips.