Camp Leotards

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GK Gymnastics Summer Camp Leotard Collection

Focus on getting back to training, not the fit of your leotard!. GK leotards are hands down (or hands up) the best fitting leotards in gymnastics! From the first cut of fabric, GK leotards featured unparalleled construction accuracy to make sure we have you covered!

When shopping for the best gymnastics leotards, you’ll want to take note of four telling characteristics: material, style, customization, and design assistance. Fortunately, all of GK Elite’s products are constructed with these elements in mind. While showing off your gymnastics skills, all our leotards promise optimal comfort with flair to boot. We craft our items with the highest quality materials, ensuring that they’re durable and won’t wear during a competition or practice. We know that judges care a great deal about style, so we make sure that our leotards include pizazz. Looking and feeling your best while at a meet or at practice isn’t a tall order to fill when you partner with us.