Women's Gymnastics Shorts

High-Quality Women’s Gymnastics Shorts

From gymnastics shorts to leotards, a gymnast's wardrobe should fit like a second skin. Womens gymnastics shorts should fit comfortably and conform to the body while moving through leaps, handsprings and flips without slipping out of place. Our selection of top-quality gymnastics Spandex® shorts will help you get through long practice sessions, meets and competitions safely and comfortably.

Gymnastics Spandex® shorts are supposed to fit tight, but not too tight. How do you know the gymnastics shorts you select will fit just right? We have some tips to help you select the right shorts for training or the next big meet:

  • Know the difference between womens gymnastics shorts appropriate for practice and those designed as activewear. Practice gear is often a bit tighter to ensure safety and comfort when training. It’s ok for your everyday shorts may give a little more.
  • Don't shop by price alone. Cheap gymnastics spandex is often poorly made and may not fit properly. That doesn't mean you need the most expensive shorts out there. GK offers the best value in the market with gymnastics shorts made from thick, durable material designed to last through even the most intense training sessions.
  • Take advantage of the variety we offer. We're always introducing new gymnastics spandex shorts in an assortment of colors, patterns, and embellishments because we want to give you more options.

Have fun matching your gymnastics gear to your personality, team colors or even the season.

We have gymnastics Spandex® for every hardworking gymnast. We stock a wide range of sizes to fit women of all shapes and ages properly.

Whether you're a professional gymnast or a hobbyist, we're ready to ship your shorts, leotards and other gymnast attire without delay. We take pride in helping women everywhere excel at their sport with confidence.