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Dreamlight by GK

We are excited to announce that Dreamlight Activewear has merged with GK Elite Sportswear.  Coming soon in the new GK 2018-2019 Competitive and In Stock catalog, we will have a Dreamlight featured collection! Featuring one-of-a-kind designs, personally created by Dreamlight Activewear's design team, with the GK fit!  The innovative ideas and uniqueness of each design will continue to make this collection even more special to us as a whole.

Dreamlight Activewear customers will gain all the benefits that GK Elite Sportswear has to offer with this merge. Some of these benefits include exclusive signature collections, shorter delivery times, additional production capacity due to the larger facility, and more product options. GK Elite Sportswear has been rated the leader in fit and comfort for gymnasts at all levels. They carefully inspect each and every leotard before it is shipped out to the customer. The quality of GK Elite Sportswear products and the variety of designs from the team will leave you with endless possibilities to choose from for your dream leotard. From custom special orders to in-stock options, GK Elite Sportswear has something for everyone.

We look forward to sharing this exciting collection with our customers and welcome you to GK Elite Sportswear! 

To order, please contact customer service 1-800-345-4087